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    Vegan Digestive Enzymes, 50 tabletter

    Vegan matsmältningsenzymer. Läs Mer

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    • Founded in 1947
    • Solgar’s advanced scientific formulas are based on sound nutritional science and the most up-to-date research and technology
    • Solgar has a team of nutritional and technical advisors in many countries around the world
    • Strive to eliminate as many allergens from our formulas as possible
    • Almost all Solgar products are free from sugar, salt, starch, yeast, corn, soy, wheat, gluten and dairy products and contain no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.
    • Solgar products include non-GMO, Kosher, organic, vegan and vegetarian products
    • Cares about the environment, for example Solgar uses bottles that are 100% recyclable.
    • Solgar – a carbon neutral company
    • Solgar Vitamin and Herb do not and will not test their products on animals

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